How to choose a generator for home?

No one likes it when the power goes out. And some seasons are just prone to severe storms that seem to cripple the electric companies over and over again. Often there are large regional outages that last for days before power is restored. We have to cope with dark rooms, food spoilage, being terribly cold or hot, and not being able to get to work. A home generator can be the answer, but it's a complicated product to choose, purchase, install and let us professional power solution company(Sutech Power Co.,Ltd) to handle this problem for you.

As usual,we suggest Gasoline Generator or Silent diesel Generator for home use,but you should calculate the power you need,For example,Lights(500W),Kicten Machine(3KW),Air Conditoner(2KW-5KW),TV(500W) etc.As usual,we will suggest our customers a 8kw or 10kw generator set for a house.

After confirm the power,we need to choose a Generator,Gasoline Generator is cheap and have little noise,it's the best choice,but the max power of Gasoline Generator is 8kw. Diesel Generator have higher price,and big noise,so it need a soundproof enclosure.With the help of wheels,you can move the generator easily in your house.

The last thing is to offer the electricity to your house.Connect the cables between the generator and your electric box,we will offer sockets with the generator,so it's easy to connect.Besides,if you tired to start and stop the Generator every time,especially for these region which power off very often,in this case,you can choose a Automatic Transfer system couple with the generator,it can start and stop the Generator automaticly when the Main power off and on,for more details about this system,please check Automatic Control System.