Generator Under Voltage

Why Generator Under/Low Voltage?


(a) Reason: prime mover speed is too low. 

Treatment: adjusted to the rated speed of the prime mover. 

(2) reasons: excitation circuit resistance is too large. 

Remedy: Reduce the resistance of the magnetic field rheostat to increase the excitation current. For additional semiconductor excited generator windings joints should be checked whether the disconnection or wrong and so on. 

(3) the reasons exciter brush is not in neutral position, or spring pressure is too small. 

Treatment: the brush raised the correct position, replace the brush, adjust the spring pressure. 

(4) The reason: there are some rectifier diode breakdown. 

Remedy: Check and replace the breakdown of the diode. 

(5) The reason: the field winding in the stator winding or short circuit or ground fault. 

Remedy: Check the fault be cleared. 

(6) Reason: brush contact surface is too small, insufficient pressure, poor contact. 

Processing: If the commutator surface is not only caused in a low speed, with emery cloth 

Polished surface of the commutator, or adjust the spring pressure. 

Common causes of high voltage generator What? How to deal with? 

(1) The reason: speed is too high. 

Remedy: Reduce the turbine guide hydrofoil opening, reduce speed. 

(2) reasons: shunt reactor core gap is too large. 

Remedy: Change reactor core gasket thickness, adjust the air gap. 

(3) The reason: the magnetic field rheostat short circuit; regulator failure. 

Treatment: find short point, be eliminated. 

(4) Cause: The generator coaster accident. 

Treatment: Emergency shut down for incident handling.

Checking AVR wire